The Secret To Great Photography


When ever I get into a discussion about photography more often than not I’m asked how one can improve their photography, or if there are any secrets or quick tricks I can divulge.

And the answer is Yes.

The secret is to shoot. Shoot. And then shoot some more.

There is no substitute to getting out there and getting first hand experience. Practice might not make perfect immediately , but it will certainty help you get there.  If you love to shoot landscapes then get up early every week and shoot sunrises. If your passion is portrait photography then organise some  suitable subjects (friends and family make great models Рand you can pay them in Fanta and Skittles) and practice your craft.

The more you shoot the better you will become. Practice in different lighting conditions. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. When you make mistakes (and trust me, you will…but thats not a bad thing) review the end result and break it down. Learn from the mistake. And add the learning to the memory bank for the next time.

And that really is the true secret to improving you photography skills.

So dust off your camera, switch it to manual mode, and get out there and shoot. And then shoot some more!

To end, here’s a photo I shot in Dunsborough, South West Western Australia


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