Live Music Photography – Easy Tigers


Last week a friend of mine asked me to come down and watch his band play a couple of sets at the Paddington Alehouse in Mt Hawthorn, and bring my camera along to make a few pictures of the guys and gal doing their thing on stage. Naturally I agreed.

Live music…check


I was ready to go. There is nothing quite like the thrill of live music photography. 

It had been a while since I had shot a gig at a local pub venue, and whilst the ‘Paddo’ has a decent lighting set-up, it wasn’t until I spoke to the lighting tech after the first set that he turned the front spot lights on. Unfortunately for me (and the band) I could only stay one song into the second set. Never the less, I got some shots that Im proud to put my name on. Here are a few photos from the night.






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