Applecross Jetty – Sunrise Landscape Photography


Promising forecast. Check

Bag ready and packed. Check

Alarm set for 445am. Check


I decided to head down to a small jetty in Applecross  (south of the Perth CBD) to photograph the sunrise over the Swan River. The last time I visited this particular jetty was August 2012 and I was confronted with a heavy overcast sky…it really didn’t give me much to work with and I ended up converting the images to B&W . I recall hoping that the clouds would break up before sunrise that morning, but I had no such luck. As I was driving down to the jetty this time around I was again confronted with some heavy  clouds…and again was hoping for the clouds to break before sunrise.

As luck would have it my wishes were granted and the sun popped out over the horizon to reveal a nice warm glow.

Here is one of the photographs I captured about 5 minutes after sunrise.




Did you shoot any landscapes this weekend?  Let me know by posting below!


September 22, 2013 - 3:09 PM

Ryan lewis - Great image to tomasz! I know the spot well – its a great place to photograph at the right time of year!

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