Smoke Photography for something different

I had a couple of hours free and it has been a few years since I last tried smoke photography (and i’ve only attempted it once before….not to great success), so I thought I would give it another go.

Whilst commercial  (primarily sport) and landscape photography are my main passions, I am always looking at trying something new. Its a great way to learn new techniques and skills, and always gets the creative juices flowing.

After some playing around with the lighting (and I will admit that my setup was 1 light down on where I would like it to be), I managed to capture some decent images. I experimented with various angles, camera settings, and light setups…..and there is more I want to experiment with in the coming days. Once I get the setup to a point where I am happy with the output I’ll put up a post with my quick ‘how to’ guide and the set-up Im using.

In the meantime, until I nail that set-up and will be happy to share, you can see some of my pictures from my first smoke photography shoot (for many many years) below.


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