Nikon D4S Announced – Will This Be the King of the DSLR Kingdom?



Nikon has done it again….made a big announcement and got the photographic world talking (Canon……hint hint!). Nikon has released a development announcement advising that the Nikon D4S  DSLR camera will be the successor to the current king of DSLR’s in the Nikon stable, the D4 (pictured).

If Nikon’s latest announcements are anything to go by, and keeping in mind the current D4 is one great camera body, the D4S will be one of, if not the best DSLR’s on the market. Again, hint hint Canon!

Nikon hasn’t released much more at this stage. Im excited to see what Nikon will do with the D4S’ high ISO (low light) performance – the current D4 model is king at high ISO work and has a fast shutter speed as it is. If Nikon can further improve these two aspects it will be the ultimate sports photographers camera, and might just entice me to jump ship.

Here’s to eagerly waiting for some more news from Nikon HQ…and something from Canon (pleassssse!)

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