Be Different. Not Better.


Photography, like any form of art, is about creativity. Creating some new. Something different. A unique perspective on a scene thats been seen thousands of times before. For me photography is about putting a little bit of myself into each picture I make.

This leads me to the title of this blog. Be Different. Not Better.  (I need to give Chase Jarvis credit for the catch phrase). Whilst I support and encourage viewing other photographers work, its important not to imitate that photographer or picture. Make something that is yours. Something new. Be different. Everyone might not love it, but sometimes its better for a picture to be either loved or (god forbid) hated…because thought provoking pictures will drive interest and discussion.

Here is a photo of Bondi Beach – its not always sunny with blue skies and warm water. Somethings Bondi is dark and harsh….or maybe its just how I experienced it that day.  But that just goes back to the idea of being different, not better.



Bondi,Beach,Summer,Surf,Wave.Photography,Landscape,Images By Tomasz

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